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Melee 3.0 : SOON, Gas City Rework, ICE DOGS - Warframe Devstream Abridged 114

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De's rundown:

Gas City Remaster

We’re looking to remaster the Gas City tileset to help bring it to the same standard of newer tilesets. Part of this is a visual update, with some lore sprinkled in match the current progression of Warframe’s story.

Since this tile predates Parkour 2.0, it didn’t make use of the cool movement systems that make Warframe so fun. So, we’ve changed quite a few aspects of this tile to encourage more mobility play.


We’ve shown the Revenant Warframe in quite a few Devstreams now, but here’s an update on his abilities following more playtesting and community feedback:

Third Ability: Moves much more quickly, and can be cancelled – feels much more like an escape move! Health and shields are stolen from enemies you pass through, with a bonus from your enthralled foes.

Fourth Ability: Killing enthralled enemies with this abilities will cause them to drop pickups that give overshields. Can be combined with his third ability for the ultimate spin to win.


The talent and creativity that our community has shown with their Dojos deserves so much praise – as a result, we’re looking into a Featured Dojos mode to help shine a spotlight on the truly stellar work done by our Tenno. One Clan of each tier will be featured in the Star Chart for others to marvel at. The contest critiera and rotation (weekly/monthly/etc.) of these Dojos is still being decided, but it’s something our Ikea-frame community can look forward to in the future!

Additionally, we are looking to add a new Decoration set to the Dojos, with a nature theme! Items include:

Rocks (from a variety of tilesets)
Trees and foliage
And more!

Vauban Changes

There has been a lot of feedback and suggestions given to us about Vauban’s kit, and we are looking to make some tweaks. Here are our current plans:

Now you can charge your Tesla to increase your damage and proc chance.
We’re looking at the rest of his kit but have nothing else to share at this time.
If you have a lead on the Repelling Bastille bugs, please send them to us! We’re having issues reproducing it.
Nyx Changes
We are looking at making some requests to Nyx following community feedback:

Potentially will be getting rid of Psychic Bolts and replacing it with Chaos.
Looking at making a new debuff ability for her 3.
Keeping her 4 as-is but with new math!
If you have suggestions, post them on the forums!

Restoratives Refresh

Your Energy/Ammo/Health/Shield restores will be getting a refresh to visually indicate what they restore! Now you will no longer have to guess what flavour of pizza your fellow Tenno dropped.

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