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Hauntershadow - The Fresh Prince of Tallon IV

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This is not my (Bufosmixes) work, this is the work of Zen Phoenix, formerly known as Hauntershadow. I regard him as the greatest video game soundtrack mashup channel ever, he is likely the best. He was the one that inspired me to first do mashups myself. Hauntershadow first vanished from the internet on August 11, 2013; YouTube, SoundCloud, DeviantArt, etc. Everything. For a while, he was gone and with him all his work. Then, he came back again for a while under the name of Zen Phoenix. Then, on May 20, 2017, Zen Phoenix, Hauntershadow, vanished from the internet again, and as before, all his work with him. I am going to post all his work on my channel in honor of him, so that it may have a permanent place and may be enjoyed by all. I won’t let the “Hauntershadow” torch burn out. I am uploading in order of file size, smallest to largest, unless I get a request for one to be uploaded ahead of time.

Since I am uploading a mashup of my own that used "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" I figured I'd double down and upload Hauntershadow's Metroid mashup as well, "The Fresh Prince of Tallon IV" utilizing Tallon IV Depths from Metroid Prime.


I am currently accepting video game music mashup requests, and will give them a shot (see my Mashup Hub for Details, link in description below). Not everything works out but I will give it effort.


Once you have put in the request, I will then add it to my to do list, on my MASHUP HUB, which you can SEE HERE:

Please consider subscribing so you can see when I upload your request. You can know that I completed your request when it goes in the "done" section, or scrapped it due to an issue in the "scrapped" section.

YouTube Subscribe here:
Download my mashups here (Google Drive):
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My DeviantArt (I don’t use this often):
If you want to tip me for my work or bribe me for mashup priority, you can do so here (only if you really want to): or directly at:
My Steam:
My Epic Games / Fortnite: Just add my as “Bufosmixes YT”
My Soundcloud (I almost never use it, but I might start uploading my best and popular mashups here):
Where I get the majority of my source material:
Hauntershadow YouTube Playlist:
DL all Hauntershadow’s mashups here:

If you like the music you hear, please consider purchasing the game series that you heard the music you liked is from. You'll probably hear more good tracks when you play it.

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