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Funny Texts from Dogs With Allergies

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What if dogs could text? We’d probably get some pretty funny text messages from our fur friends. Who wouldn’t want to get text updates from their dog throughout the day? It would be pawesome to check in on them when we’re not there, especially if we know they are home alone with symptoms of dog allergies. If you could get texts from dogs, you would never have to ask “Does my dog have allergies?” ever again because they would simply tell you! We have a feeling that if dogs could text, they would be pretty vocal about everything, ever, all the time. As a pet parent, it can be hard to spot signs of allergies in dogs. But try not to laugh at these funny dogs talking about their symptoms. If your dog has allergies, check with your vet to rule out whether your fur friend has common dog allergies or if it’s a bit more unique than that. Did you know some dogs can be allergic to grass or chicken! If you’re wondering “What can I give my dog for allergies?” look no further than Does Fido have flea allergies? There’s a dog flea collar that can help! Notice that your Doberman has a case of dry eye? We’ve got plenty of dog eye care products to help soothe her pretty peepers. Do you notice symptoms of dog allergy after your dog eats his dinner? Try a grain-free dog food or a limited ingredient dog food to help give him the nutrition he needs without the itchy rash. We hope you enjoy these funny texts from parents and dogs. Hopefully someday there will be some super cool technology that can translate barks into dog text messages!

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