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8 Breeds Of Dogs For Allergic People (hypoallergenic dogs)

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That a person suffers allergy to dogs does not mean that your body emits an immune response caused by the animal itself, but by a series of allergens that they produce. The main allergens produced by dogs are proteins that are usually found in animal saliva, dandruff and sebaceous glands (located in the dermis).

If the allergy you suffer is to the proteins of dandruff and the skin of your dog, you should know that there are a number of dogs called hypoallergenic dogs for producing a smaller amount of dandruff and not expelling practically no hair, find out what are the improvements Dog breeds for allergic people.

1. American hairless terrier

The American hairless terrier is one of the most recommended for people with allergies to dogs for two reasons: it has no hair and does not produce dandruff.

2. Yorkshire terrier

For allergic people living in apartments, the yorkshire terrier is the perfect dog. Since there is virtually no hair loss, the small amount of allergens that can be produced will not be released throughout your home, so allergy symptoms should not appear.

3. Dogs of the bichon type

The dogs of the bichon type are part of the list of the best breeds for allergic people because, as with yorkshire, they do not lose hair. Despite having a voluminous mantos.

4. Schnauzer

In addition to being one of the most popular dogs for its beauty, variety of sizes and easy training, the schnauzer is also suitable for allergic people due to the low amount of hair it gives off.

5. Water dogs

Both the Spanish and Portuguese water dog, the poodle and the poodle are ideal for people with allergies because they do not lose any hair. Its curly and compact fur, of texture and appearance similar to wool, does not detach from its skin and, therefore, does not spread allergens throughout the home.

6. Shih Tzu

Of Chinese origin, the Shih Tzu is suitable for people with allergies and asthmatics because they are part of dogs that do not release hair. It is a very affectionate, active and intelligent race that loves the company of its owners and other people.

7. Italian Greyhound and English

Both the Italian and English greyhound have very short hair that does not usually have negative consequences for people with allergies. If you are looking for a small, calm and easily trained dog, choose the Italian greyhound.

8. Samoyed

Yes, that your voluminous and beautiful mantle does not deceive you, the Samoyed is also one of the best races for allergic people because it hardly produces dandruff, one of the main allergens.

9. Airedale terrier

In the line of medium and large dog breeds, the largest of the terriers is also ideal for allergic people by not losing any hair. This dog is extremely protective and gets along very well with children.

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