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7-01-2018 UFO Luminosity FB Hyperstar IR

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7-01-2018 UFO Luminosity FB Hyperstar IR. Last instance of something similar:
6-25-2018 UFO Luminosity with Diffusion Hyperstar IR FB Analysis, proof these are self illuminated anomalies. As this object enters the thin cloud layer, the energy from the anomaly is diffused within the cloud. This is the second time I captured an object with energy diffusion*: 5-31-2015
5-31-2015 UFO Sphere Close Flyby Sound analysis Complete
Sound analysis of Sphere prior during and after capture.
Please note there are visible stationary stars in this sample. Its highly unlikely I filmed this on a freeway passing a freeway light (as suggested)? How can there be stationary stars if I'm filming a freeway light, and where is the supporting structure for the freeway light?
This is the evening part of 5-31-2015, and this anomaly flies by closely, shedding a clue on how it sounds, like an electrical buzz!
This could possibly be, in a return flight, minutes later*
5-24-2015 UFO White Sphere 2 Flyby Analysis
A 100% match to an anomaly captured 7-20-2010* in the same airspace. Witness Account:DC
A reported UFO and energy beam projection in India 2012:
Dr. Maccabee provided me with information in regard too the Gulf Breeze 1990 UFO samples, and
similarities in the Gulf Breeze UFO and this anomaly imaged on July 20, 2010. Both samples show energy discharge from an unknown airborne object, however the Gulf Breeze anomaly is Red* and the object I imaged had red associated to it but was luminous white. However; the 2010 sample has additional airborne objects (Red & Blue) which moved in tandem.,
Japan Airlines Flight 1628, The Third Object,,
How ET Enters Our Airspace,,, A&E, The History Channel, NBCUniversal, The Weather Channel, Sy-Fy, BBC, Discovery Networks, Discovery Science, Animal Planet, American Heroes Channel, MTV, CMT, Wilbur Allen,

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