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18 SMALLEST Dog Breeds On Earth!

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Top tiny dog breeds on Earth! These are the smallest little toy dogs and smallest pet dogs on Earth and the smallest dog breeds in the world!

16. Norrbottenspets - This dog is very tough and extremely athletic. They were originally bred for hunting and could take on animals as large as bears and moose. At only sixteen to eighteen inches in height and weighing just twenty to thirty pounds, that is a huge feat! Norrbottenspets, or Nobs for short, have short hair but also have an undercoat for warmth as they come from colder climates in Finland and Sweden. Most of these dogs are white with spots of other colors covering parts of their faces and ears, and sometimes their backs. Although these pups are courageous and daring, they’re also level-headed and observant, so they make great family pets.

15. Schipperke - This small black dog is known for its curiosity, attentiveness, and playful personality. Schipperkes cram a lot of uniqueness into a small package. They are thirteen inches high at their tallest and weigh ten to sixteen pounds. They have dense, but short, coats that only come in black. Their ears stand straight up which is indicative of their alertness and comes from their rodent-hunting origins. Schipperkes make great friends and will never leave you disinterested.

14. Shih Tzu - This silky pooch is known worldwide for its striking hairstyle. They have long straight locks and require a lot of grooming, but their beautiful coats set them apart from other breeds. The Shih Tzu is only nine to ten inches tall and weighs between nine and sixteen pounds. They are social butterflies and enjoy the attention their unique looks draw. They love playing, crave affection, and are known to be well-behaved around kids. They make great pets for small living areas too, so if you’re in an apartment, this breed is one to consider.

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