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12 Most Useless Jobs In The World

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Here are 12 Most Useless Jobs In the World. These professions are crazy!

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12. Restroom Attendant
Do we really need someone standing in front of a cubicle in a public toilet making sure that everything’s working properly? Restroom attendants are supposed to be in charge of maintaining and cleaning the restrooms and ensuring that there’s always enough toilet paper, but is it really necessary for someone to be there at all times?
Not only do restroom attendants make most people who actually use the restroom extremely uncomfortable, but they’re often underpaid and overworked. A lot of the time these people only earn tips and, depending on the type of establishment they work in, they have to put up with all kinds of rude behavior from drunken patrons.
11. Elevator Operator
Once upon a time, elevator operator was a demanding profession that required many different skills. Old-fashioned operators of manual elevators had to learn how to maneuver a large lever that regulated the elevator's speed. This meant that elevator operators had to have a perfect sense of timing in order to always stop the elevator parallel to the floor. Modern day elevators don’t need operators, since everyone knows how to use them: you just press the button and off you go! However, elevator operators can still be seen in certain parts of United States.
As of 2017, it was estimated that over 50 buildings in New York City had an elevator operator. Since most of these building are located in the affluent – and rather snobbish – neighborhood of Upper East Side, it’s pretty clear that elevator operators’ only purpose is to create a sense of luxury and prestige for the rich tenants who occupy these buildings.
10. Space Lawyer
It sure sounds like a made-up job, but space lawyers are an actual thing and they’ve existed ever since the space race began with the launch of the Soviet Union's first satellite Sputnik I in 1957.
Some might say that space lawyers are no longer needed in this day and age when rules and regulations of space travel are firmly established under the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. Others, however, claim that space lawyers will have their hands full in the near future when commercial space travel takes off. Some of the issues that space lawyers might have to deal in the future include asteroid mining, the buying and selling of extraterrestrial property, and legal implications of an encounter with extraterrestrial intelligence. While the title of space lawyer sounds cool, the reality is that there aren't any undergraduate degrees in space law, so at the end of the day space lawyers are - just regular lawyers
9. Cat Behavior Consultant
Do you regularly talk with your cats and feel like they’re the only ones who really get you? Well, now you have the opportunity to turn your cat obsession into a paying job. Cat behavior consultants, also known as the cat whisperers, specialize in helping cat owners manage their disobedient purring pets.
While some cat behavior consultants hold university degrees in veterinary medicine or psychology, often times they’re just people who are simply crazy about cats. Just take a look at Jackson Galaxy, the host of Animal Planet's hit show My Cat from Hell. Jackson started off as a rock musician who worked part-time in an animal shelter, and now he’s a bestselling author who makes money by saying things like “cats are in touch with what lies beyond the tangible”.
8. Chief Flavor Officer
We’ve all heard of CEOs and CTOs, but do you know what a CFO is? Apparently CFO stands for Chief Flavor Officer and it’s a one-of-a-kind job currently held by none other than pop star Justin Timberlake.
In January 2017, Justin joined New Jersey-based drink company Bai Brands as an investor and “chief flavor officer”. While the investor part makes sense, we’re not really sure what the duties of a chief flavor officer are. Bai Brands founder Ben Weiss recently said that Justin has been working closely with the rest of the team on several new projects, but we’re still waiting on somebody to answer the question: what does the chief flavor officer exactly do?
7. Pet Food Taster
The thought of eating dog or cat food will make most people sick to their stomach, but believe it or not some people do it for a living. You might wonder how a human could possibly tell what ..

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